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What is SmartMock.io? What is SmartMock.io?

What is SmartMock.io?

SmartMock.io is a hosted service virtualization solution. We call this model Mock-As-A-Service.

It provides tools for you to set up, manage, and troubleshoot your HTTP protocol API mocks in the cloud. This frees you up to focus on the logic of your mocks and not have to think about boilerplate code, infrastructure, hosting, and hardware maintenance. Changes made in your mocks are immediately available for mock clients, so you don't have to wait for time-consuming deployments of self-hosted mock services. SmartMock.io supports a broad spectrum of use cases that allow the mocking of not only simple, static services but also sophisticated, stateful ones.

The Problem

During recent decades, first SOA and later microservices architectures introduced a paradigm that stated distributed systems should be more fine-grained, shifting from heavy monolithic components towards small, specialized, and self-contained applications.

This shift had many advantages, technologically and from an organizational point of view. It also introduced some headaches. One headache is testing. Distributed system have more integration points than huge, monolithic components. Also, the type of development and availability of various parts in a microservice solution may vary.

Developers frequently need to wait for APIs to be implemented or rely on documentation only. They often need self-made dummy services that simulate integration with a live system. This may reduce delivery speed because these dummy services need to be implemented, tested, and deployed, and require troubleshooting. They also need separate CI/CD pipelines and a dedicated infrastructure.

The Solution

SmartMock.io targets these pain points, helping you quickly and easily to create mocks of web services and host them in the cloud.

Outsourcing mocks hosting to SmartMock.io reduces your team's efforts dedicated to simulating integration points, allowing it to focus on business logic without worrying about availability, deployments, CI/CD pipelines, and infrastructure. Using SmartMock.io enables developers to start integrating third-party APIs faster even if these APIs are not yet implemented or their availability is reduced. Integration testing may be performed more thoroughly since it's easy to implement corner case behaviors, including long response times, unknown errors, or invalid payloads.

Who is SmartMock.io for?

Improve your software development life cycle with SmartMock.io.

Who is SmartMock.io for?
Backend Software Developers

Use SmartMock.io to simulate server-to-server interactions in non-production systems during integration or acceptance tests, or demos.

Frontend Software Developers

Use SmartMock.io to simulate backend responses while developing frontend code, during tests or demos.

Software Architects and Product Owners

Enable the team to start development even if a third-party API is not ready yet. Test ideas for new APIs before implementation begins and receive feedback from consumers faster.

Site Reliability Engineers

Check the behavior of services in extreme conditions, like long response times, timeouts, internal server errors, or unexpected payloads.

QA Engineers

Test third-party service integrations with many different outputs (variations of valid outputs, errors, unexpected outputs, timeouts). Reproduce production issues so developers can easily test their fixes.

Performance Engineers

Check the behavior of services under heavy loads without the need to reach live third-party APIs which may not be capable of handling high traffic.

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