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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is is a Mock-As-A-Service solution. It provides tools that allow you to set up, manage, and troubleshoot your HTTP protocol API mocks in the cloud. This frees you up to focus on the logic of your mocks and not have to think about boilerplate code, infrastructure, hosting, and hardware maintenance. Changes made in your mocks are immediately available for mock clients, so you don't have to wait for time-consuming deployments of self-hosted mock services. supports a broad spectrum of use cases that allow the mocking of not only simple, static services but also complicated, dynamic ones.

What can I do with allows the mocking (simulation) of services exposed through the HTTP interface. The most common type of such services is RESTful web services., however, does not force any specific protocol/patterns to be used. You define matching rules for HTTP requests and specify what response to return when the request matches. You may simulate RESTful, SOAP, or any other services exposed through HTTP.

Does Smartmock support dynamic responses?

Yes - provides two ways to implement dynamic mocks. These are Template Mocks and Dynamic Mocks. Template Mocks use Moustache notation to include dynamic data in your mock's responses. Dynamic Mock is just Javascript code that renders an HTTP response (status code, headers, body). Please see our documentation for more information about Template and Dynamic Mocks.

Is there a way to simulate stateful behavior in Smartmock?

Yes - supports the concept of state which allows the simulation of stateful behavior. Please see our documentation for more information about states.

What is a workspace?

A workspace is a container for mocks and is identified by a unique URL. You'll use that URL to send requests to your mocks. We encourage you to treat a workspace as a contained environment for a single service/API/application you'd like to simulate. Doing this simplifies the management of workspaces and mocks. You may, however, merge many services/APIs into individual workspace if required.

Can accounts be merged? accounts cannot be merged from the user interface. If you and other users are from the same company and wish to consolidate your accounts, please consider signing up for a Large Plan and contact our support. We'll help you move your workspaces and mocks to the new account.

Can I change the owner of an account?

Changing the owner of an account or a team is currently not possible from the user interface. Please contact our support to request change of ownership.

Why is better than a self-hosted mock service? is an excellent example of a service where you may outsource some of your team duties. Maintaining self-hosted mocks usually consumes a considerable amount of time and effort. While creating self-hosted mocks, your team members need simultaneously to implement not only business logic but also choose frameworks and tools, and write lots of boilerplate code for logging, instrumentation, and setting up the infrastructure. Self-made mocks are often not as reliable and as well tested as production services which consumes additional time for troubleshooting and fixing problems. With you only focus on your mocks’ business logic.

I get an internal server error (HTTP 500) when requesting a mock endpoint. How can I troubleshoot the problem?

For each workspace, provides a console which shows the results of the last 100 requests made. You may inspect the cause of an error there. Usually, such errors appear for incorrect expressions in Template or Dynamic Mocks. You may also contact our support if you cannot diagnose the problem on your own.

Is GDPR Compliant?

Yes! is committed to customer privacy and is GDPR Compliant.

I still have additional questions! Help!

No worries! We recommend checking out our Documentation for more detailed information. You may also contact our support team for general inquiries.

Subscriptions and Payments

How much does cost? offers paid, full-featured plans and a limited Free plan. After signing up, you are automatically assigned to the Free plan which allows you to evaluate the most important features of with limited quotas. If you decide is a tool you find useful, you may subscribe to a paid plan, which offers higher quotas and team collaboration features.

Does offer a free trial?

When you initially sign up for, you are automatically enrolled in the Free plan. Our Free plan requires no credit card, and there are no obligations.

Are payments I make on your site secure?

Yes. We use Stripe as our payment processor. We also send all credit card information over a secure sockets layer (SSL).

What are your payment options?

Any major credit card can be used to purchase any paid plan at Our payment service provider is Stripe.

Do you charge in local currencies? charges in U.S. Dollars or Euro. Your bank or credit card provider calculates the current exchange rate automatically and charges you accordingly.

Do you charge VAT?

We charge VAT only for businesses located in Europe. Our Payment Service Provider detects the location of our customers during checkout and adds VAT to the order's total amount.

Are payments automatically recurring?

Yes. accounts are automatically recurring unless you downgrade the plan to Free before the "Next Billing" date listed in Plan & Billing. If you do not want your account to renew automatically, you must cancel before the renewal date.

Do you send reminder emails about recurring charges?

No., unfortunately, does not send reminder emails about upcoming charges at this time. The "Next Billing" field in Plan & Billing shows the date of the next charge. If you do not want your account to renew automatically, you need to downgrade the plan to Free before that date.

What is your refund policy?

We do our best to provide refunds whenever possible. Provided your most recent transaction is within 30 (thirty) days, we can provide a refund. Please email for assistance using the Account Owner’s email address (required).

What support do you provide?

You may request support through our support address - We respond to Standard Support requests within one business day. Premium Support has a 6-hour response SLA. Our business hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET. If you need custom SLAs or 24/7 support, please contact our sales team.

What is the request quota and how does it work?

Request quotas define the number of requests you may make to existing mocks for any workspace in your account. A request quota is a global value for your account. Request quotas renew at the beginning of the calendar month. If you exceed the request quota, you will receive an HTTP 429 status when calling your mocks. To increase your request quota, please update your plan. Contact our sales team if the largest plan request quota is still not sufficient.

What is a request?

Any HTTP request you make to the URL identifying your workspace counts as a request.

Can I track the usage of requests, workspaces mocks, teams?

Yes - the Quota Information view presents the number of currently used resources and their limits. It also notifies you about exceeding limits.

How do I update or change my billing address?

You may update your billing address in the Subscription Management view (click the Manage Subscription button on the Plan & Billing page). Please note does not store payment information directly - our payment provider stores it.

How may I get invoices for previous billing periods?

You have access to historic invoices in the Subscription Management view (click the Manage Subscription button on the Plan & Billing page).

What if I want to cancel my paid subscription?

You can edit your subscription in the Subscription Management view (click the Manage Subscription button on the Plan & Billing page).To cancel the paid plan, please select a Free plan while modifying your subscription. If you qualify for a refund and wish to request one, you would need to reach out to our support.

Refunds are NOT processed automatically if you downgrade your plan. Refunds must be requested by the Account Owner and received by Support within 30 days.

Can I change my plan at any time?

Yes - you can upgrade or downgrade your plan any time. Please note that if you downgrade your plan, you would need to delete some of the workspaces, mocks, and teams so their number matches that plan's limits.

What happens with my workspaces and mocks when I downgrade the plan?

When you downgrade your plan and the number of your workspaces, mocks, teams, and team members fit the limits of the new plan, there is no action needed from your side. If, however, you exceed the limits of the new plan, your workspaces and mocks will be untouched for at least one week so that you have time to remove the ones you don't need. If you don't remove excessive entities after a week, they are removed automatically (youngest objects deleted first).